Feature #7849

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 8 years ago

In different projects I am using redmine with a number of custom trackers. To define relations between the tickets I would very much like to use other relations than the ones currently available. 

 For instance, we have trackers for requirements and features. And we would like to be able to define an "implements" relation: feature implements requirement. 

 The most sustainable solution would be to be able to define custom relation types much like custom fields. I searched for this on the redmine redmine but didn't find anything. 

 From looking at source:trunk/app/models/issue_relation.rb it seems fairly straightforward to factor out the relation types and define them like custom fields, including symmetry relationships between the types etc. 

 As we don't have any redmine development capabilities at the moment I hope more people would be interested to have that feature and somebody interested in implementing it :-) With some guidance and advise from experienced redmine developers my team might also be able to contribute to the development.