Feature #18790

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 9 years ago

 i think it's really nice if redmine has this feature. 

 For example: 
 Currently i have 30 custom fields, And i want to add 5 more custom fields. These new fields should be in middle of existing fields, start from number 15.  

 1-15 (15 existing fields)  
 16-20 (new fields)  
 21-35 (existing fields) 
 total 35 custom fields. 

 i'm not a programmer, i dont know if it can be coded.. in*custom_fields?tab=IssueCustomField* there is a button "edit shorting" [1-redmine-edit-sorting-button.png] if clicked, the sort colom will be editable and we can change the number as we needed than click save [2-redmine-save-sorting-button.png]. 

 Or Maybe we can look at joomla in its way to shorting article priority.