Feature #1465

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 8 years ago

New idea: we have large larg number of Activities in our instance of Redmine, but most of time we use only cca 5-6 activities from total of over 20. 
 When Whan can be nice to have ability to highlight only preferred activities... prefered activies... In admin part, there can be simple checkbox [x] Favorite Favourite activity, checked chekced by default, or there can be something like [x] Minor activity, in the list of Enumeration / Activities. 

 When adding new ticket, there can be separator between favorite favourite and minor activities or, there can be listed only favorite favourite activities and all activities can be expanded by some gui element (small button or "Show all activities" in select box). 

 This feature feautre should be optional, because beacuse smaller teams will probably probablby don't like this feature... 

 What others think?