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h1. Changelog


h2. version:3.1.0 (2015-07-26) version:3.0.4 (2015-07-07)

* Defect #4334: "Watch"ing an #17757: Link with hash does not work on Firefox
* Defect #19095: PDF is broken on iOS
* Defect #19485: Column 'address' in where clause may be ambiguous
* Defect #19815: Bulk
issue doesn't copy copies subtasks and attachments even if option is unchecked
* Defect #19835: Newlines stripped from CVS commit messages
* Defect #19840: Missing validation for description size of versions
* Defect #19842: User allowed to manage public queries in any project, can create public query visible to everyone for ALL projects
* Defect #19844: Roles are not aligned on new member form
* Defect #19956: Connection leak on svn/redmine integration
* Defect #19957: acts_as_versioned not compatible with ActiveRecord 4.2.1
* Defect #20066: List of groups sorted in desc by default
* Defect #20118: Missing row in PDF if issue description contains '<'-character
* Feature #19364: Images and Thumbnail are not interpreted in table while exporting PDF
* Feature #20142: Update Gemfile to require rbpdf ~>1.18.6
* Patch #19825: Russian translation
update watchers list
* Patch #20035: Italian translation update
* Patch #20203: The test email action should use POST only (CSRF protection)
* Upgrade to Rails 4.2.3

h2. version:3.0.3 (2015-05-10)

Defect #13924: Error #18580: Can't bulk edit own time entries with "Edit own time entries"
* Defect #19731: Issue validation fails if % done field is deactivated
* Defect #19735: Email addresses with slashes are not linked correctly
* Patch #19655: Set a back_url
when using views/issues/index.api.rsb forcing new login after session expiration
* Patch #19706: Issue show : optimizations
* Patch #19793: Adding flash messages to files_controller#create

h2. version:3.0.2 (2015-04-26)

* Defect #19297: Custom fields with hidden/read-only combination displayed
in a plugin Issue Edit Form
* Defect #14881: Issue journals #19400: Possibility of having 2 (or more) repositories with empty identifier
* Defect #19444: Fix typo in wiki_syntax_detailed.html
* Defect #19538: Keywords in commit messages: journal entries are created even if nothing was changed
* Defect #19569: Field permissions not working properly with inherited memberships
* Defect #19580: "Required" and "Read-only" rules on "Fields Permissions" screen are not colored
* Defect #13583: Space between lines in nested lists not equal
* Defect #19161: 500 Internal error: sorting for column mail at Administration/User
* Defect #19163: Bulk edit form shows additional custom fields
* Defect #19168: Activity: changes made to tickets are shown multiple times
* Defect #19185: Update Install/Upgrade guide for 3.x version and get gid of DEPRECATION WARNING: You didn't set config.secret_key_base
* Defect #19276: Creating new issues with invalid project_id
should be ordered return 422 instead of 403 error
* Defect #19405: Setting config.logger.level in additional_environment.rb has no effect
* Defect #19464: Possible to log time on project without time tracking
* Defect #19482: Custom field (long text format) displayed even if empty
* Defect #19537: Broken HTML sanitizer refence breaks email receiving
* Defect #19544: Malformed SQL query with SQLServer when grouping issues
* Defect #19553: When create
by created_on, copying the issue, status can not id be changed to default
* Defect #15716: Scraped #19558: Mail handler should not ignore emails include CSS from HTML emails with x-auto-response-suppress header
* Defect #19243: Ambiguous date format options (eg. 03/03/2015) in settings #19606: Issue Estimated Time not updated on tracker change
* Feature #19437: Upgrade to Rails 4.2.1
* Feature #19489: Translation for Spanish Panama
* Patch #19570: Spanish translation updated

h2. version:3.0.1 (2015-03-16)

Defect #19656: Activities do #19197: Missing notification if assignee was a group
* Defect #19260: Non-default identifier-less git repositories are undeletable
* Defect #19305: settings: incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT: yaml generated on ruby 1.8
* Defect #19313: Attached inline images with non-ascii file name can
not correspont to project be seen when adding time text formatting is Makdown
* Defect #19348: Project name is missing for versions
from my page. sub-projects
* Defect #19737: HTML Sanitizer #19381: Wrong syntax for wiki macros in wiki_syntax_detailed.html
* Defect #19172: "gem update bundler" suggestion for "`x64_mingw` is
not working a valid platform"
* Defect #19218: Wrong name
for Outlook mails pt-BR in language drop-down
* Defect #19740: "Truncate emails after #19225: When deleting one item from multivalued custom field / list of these lines" setting users, name of removed user is not working visible in history
* Defect #19995: Can't apply textile modifiers to 1 non-ASCII character #19232: IMAP STARTTLS options typo :tls
* Defect #20141: Sync #wiki_format_provider plugin API shortcut with changes #19253: Repository users broken if only one committer exists
* Defect #19316: CustomField#possible_values may raise undefined method `force_encoding' error
* Defect #19320: Spent time (last 7 days) in My page not updated
* Defect #19323: Incorrect links generated in emails if host setup uses other port (":" symbol)
* Defect #19325: ActionController::UnknownFormat: error for PDF request and unknown user
* Defect #19354: Unexpected milliseconds in JSON time attributes
* Defect #19368: Creating an issue without tracker_id attribute ignores custom field values
* Patch #19233: Change 20150113213922_remove_users_mail.rb from Irreversible
to Redmine::WikiFormatting.register Reversible
* Patch #19322: Allow to ignore auto reply messages
from r12450 and r14313 Exchange server

h2. version:3.0.0 (2015-02-19)

* Defect #2573: Latest projects list: no space after lists in project description

* Defect #20159: Disallow #6579: Tree hierachy being currupted on multiple submissions of an issue
* Defect #14151: Grammer problem with German x_days
* Defect #15789: Users can see all groups when adding a filter "Assignee's Group"
* Defect #15988: Unexpected behaviour on issue fields for
users that have multiple roles
* Defect #18237: From a rake task context, impossible
to delete a version referenced by a custom create an IssueRelation normally
* Defect #18265: Wrong csv separator in Croatian
* Defect #18301: Revision shortlink at end of URL breaks URL autolinking
* Defect #18314: German Translation - button_update
* Defect #18605: Wrong usage of to test log level
* Defect #18654: Custom
field is rendered, even if its value is empty (for multiple)
* Defect #20206: Members w/o view #18711: Respect cross-project subtask setting on issue bulk edit form
* Defect #18781: Redmine::FieldFormat::IntFormat does not accept "real" Integer values
* Defect #18832: Activity Stream Filter missing on right hand side due to permission
* Defect #18855: User with only Move Issue rights in the project can still create
issues permission are able using mass copy!
* Defect #18918: Grouping label for "none" should be changed
to list issues "null", "No Value", or" (blank) ".
* Defect #19024: link_to in Redmine::Hook::ViewListener omits url root
* Defect #19030: Links to completed versions
on public projects if the non member role has the permission roadmap page might lead to a "403 not authorized page"
* Defect #20372: Contents inside pre tags are not rendered as monospace font #19039: Mail notification is formatting dates with changer's locale
* Defect #19040: Potential DB deadlocks on concurrent issue creation
* Defect #19055: 'label_per_page' is no longer used
* Defect #19111: Bad spelling
in Chrome for Mac Spanish "mail_body_reminder"
* Feature #5418: #992: Option to search open issues only
* Feature #1326:
Add Gravatar and / edit link to "My account" page an attachment description after upload
* Feature #5490: Option #1415: Let system administrator limit repositories valid sources
* Feature #4244: Multiple email addresses
for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio each user
* Feature #6118: Filter by parent task or subtasks #4383: Search Names of Files Attached to Issues
* Feature #7037: CSV export encoding and excel. UTF-8 and BOM #4518: Wiki formatting documentation for nested lists
* Feature #8424: Add private issue option #5450: Move wiki page to receiving emails other project
* Feature #8929: Permission to view only your #5991: Tracker should have it's own time logs default issue status
* Feature #11253: Total time spent #6426: MenuManager::MenuItem should support a named route as a url
* Feature #7249: Custom fields for Documents
* Feature #8121: Allow overriding direction of part of text
* Feature #8818: Repository user-mapping with multiple email addresses
* Feature #11702: Add user/group to multiple projects at once
* Feature #11724: Prevent users
from subtasks seeing other users based on the issue list their project membership
* Feature #12312: Raise 60-character limit for document titles #12097: Multi Thread Support
* Feature #16373: TextFormatting #12734: Add table reference to textile help
* Feature #13051: Support any macro in (pdf) export
for Markdown formatting wiki's and issues
* Feature #16535: Set a max width to html email content #13425: Ignore X-Autoreply mails
* Feature #16962: Better handle html-only emails #13497: Document all available Redmine links properly
* Feature #19182: Patch #13849: Grouped filters in the filter drop-down
* Feature #14371: Drop Ruby 1.8.7 support
* Feature #14534: Upgrade
to the Redmine Mail Handler Rails 4.2
* Feature #15236: Propose diff view
for specifying a long text custom CA bundle fields
* Feature #19458: Add the ability #16823: IMAP STARTTLS support
* Feature #17354: User detail : show user login
to expire passwords after a configurable number of days admins
* Feature #19707: #17763: Ability to limit member management to certain roles render multiple partials with view hook
* Feature #19851: Sudo mode: Require password re-entry for sensitive actions (optional) #18500: Optional linking when copying issues
* Patch #5770: Welcome text misses wiki formatting Feature #18571: Tab "New Issue" should not be displayed if a project has no trackers
* Patch #14402: Plugin migration directory should use plugin directory Feature #18631: Better search results pagination
* Patch #19296: Include Feature #18801: Support for accent insensitive search with PostgreSQL
* Feature #18860: Replace awesome_nested_set gem with a
custom fields description in project settings and issue view implementation of nested sets
* Feature #18947: Ruby 2.2 support
* Feature #19131: Use a better content type for attachments created with application/octet-stream
Patch #19339: Put news articles into <article> tags #6586: Calendar view hook Request
* Patch #19341: Put roadmap versions #13120: Translation in <article> tags language selection
* Patch #19455: Replace manual query in version helper #18182: Latvian translation update
* Patch #19509: Change #18261: Japanese translation for field_login change (fix terms mismatch &quot;default&quot;)
* Patch #19546: Change default display mode for PDF Export #18276: Allow queries captions to OneColumn be dynamic
* Patch #19991: #18290: Issue performance patch
* Patch #18390: Better RTL css for the system
* Patch #18392: German translation: Self-registration
* Patch #18565: html improvements on project landing page
* Patch #18659: Do not truncate subissue/related issues titles on single issue view
* Patch #18671:
Japanese translation change (fix misspelled word)
* Patch #19993: Change csv separators of Spanish/Panama #18679: LabelledFormBuilder#label outputs 2 label elements
* Patch #20130: Bulgarian translation change #18692: Access keys for previous (p)/next (n) links
* Patch #20174: Add missing member_role to fixtures #18707: Allow attachment thumbnails from REST api
* Patch #20180: #18817: Sort helper undefined to_a for string
* Patch #18818: TimeEntry acts_as_activity_provider scope should joins(:project)
* Patch #18983: Allow filtering of Redmine Reminders by Version
* Patch #19005:
Make the updateIssueFrom(url) function return the XMLHttpRequest object search results per page configurable
* Patch #19035: Japanese translation fix (label_age)

h2. Previous changes

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h2. Security updates

You can view the list of known and fixed vulnerabilties on [[Security Advisories]].