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Jean-Philippe Lang, 2015-07-26 09:16


3.1.0 (2015-07-26)

  • Defect #4334: "Watch"ing an issue doesn't update watchers list
  • Defect #13924: Error when using views/issues/index.api.rsb in a plugin
  • Defect #14881: Issue journals should be ordered by created_on, not id
  • Defect #15716: Scraped emails include CSS from HTML emails
  • Defect #19243: Ambiguous date format options (eg. 03/03/2015) in settings
  • Defect #19656: Activities do not correspont to project when adding time from my page.
  • Defect #19737: HTML Sanitizer not working for Outlook mails
  • Defect #19740: "Truncate emails after one of these lines" setting is not working
  • Defect #19995: Can't apply textile modifiers to 1 non-ASCII character
  • Defect #20141: Sync #wiki_format_provider plugin API shortcut with changes to Redmine::WikiFormatting.register from r12450 and r14313
  • Defect #20159: Disallow users to delete a version referenced by a custom field
  • Defect #20206: Members w/o view issues permission are able to list issues on public projects if the non member role has the permission
  • Defect #20372: Contents inside pre tags are not rendered as monospace font in Chrome for Mac
  • Feature #5418: Add Gravatar and edit link to "My account" page
  • Feature #5490: Option for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio
  • Feature #6118: Filter by parent task or subtasks
  • Feature #7037: CSV export encoding and excel. UTF-8 and BOM
  • Feature #8424: Add private issue option to receiving emails
  • Feature #8929: Permission to view only your own time logs
  • Feature #11253: Total time spent from subtasks on the issue list
  • Feature #12312: Raise 60-character limit for document titles
  • Feature #16373: TextFormatting help for Markdown formatting
  • Feature #16535: Set a max width to html email content
  • Feature #16962: Better handle html-only emails
  • Feature #19182: Patch to the Redmine Mail Handler for specifying a custom CA bundle
  • Feature #19458: Add the ability to expire passwords after a configurable number of days
  • Feature #19707: Ability to limit member management to certain roles
  • Feature #19851: Sudo mode: Require password re-entry for sensitive actions (optional)
  • Patch #5770: Welcome text misses wiki formatting
  • Patch #14402: Plugin migration directory should use plugin directory
  • Patch #19296: Include custom fields description in project settings and issue view
  • Patch #19339: Put news articles into <article> tags
  • Patch #19341: Put roadmap versions in <article> tags
  • Patch #19455: Replace manual query in version helper
  • Patch #19509: Change Japanese translation for field_login
  • Patch #19546: Change default display mode for PDF Export to OneColumn
  • Patch #19991: Japanese translation change
  • Patch #19993: Change csv separators of Spanish/Panama
  • Patch #20130: Bulgarian translation change
  • Patch #20174: Add missing member_role to fixtures
  • Patch #20180: Make the updateIssueFrom(url) function return the XMLHttpRequest object

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