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Felix Schäfer, 2010-07-13 12:08
First draft

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h1. HowTo configure Redmine for advanced git integration
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h2. Scope
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This HowTo explains how to serve git repositories on apache through the http-based "git-smart-http protocol": introduced in git 1.6.6. The git-smart-http offers various advantages over ssh or git-based access: you can use redmine access control as-is, no need for extra ssh keys or whatnot, you can secure it through SSL as needed, and there's generally less problems with firewalls and https/https ports than exist with ssh and git ports. git-smart-http also doesn't have some of the drawbacks of its "dumb" predecessor, as it doesn't require any complex DAV setup.
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This HowTo is mainly written from memory and was conducted on a setup which was already serving [[Repositories_access_control_with_apache_mod_dav_svn_and_mod_perl|svn repositories integrated with redmine]], so it might be possible that I forgot some things or take them for granted. This is a wiki page, feel free to correct or amend anything you find lacking :-)
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h2. Prerequisites
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* Apache with mod_perl (access control)
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* git (version at least 1.6.6)
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* A way to serve git-smart-http
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** mod_cgi (or mod_cgid) if you want to use the stock "git-http-backend":
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** a rack server if you want to use "grack": (basically a rack wrapper around the right git commands)
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You should already have a rack server to run redmine, and that's why I chose grack as the backend and which I will describe in this tutorial. Using the stock git-http-backend should be quite straightforward though.