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22:27 Redmine Feature #40411: The watch button/link should show if the issue is watched by group
It might also be considered to always show the watchers list in the issue sidebar, and only show content the current ... Felix Schäfer
22:12 Redmine Feature #40411 (New): The watch button/link should show if the issue is watched by group
When a user watches an issue because of a group membership and the user does not have the `view_issue_watchers` permi... Felix Schäfer
22:24 Redmine Feature #29894: View watchers on the issue list
Felix Schäfer wrote in #note-17:
> We will create additional tickets for these issues.
Other issues that might be...
Felix Schäfer
19:36 Redmine Feature #29894: View watchers on the issue list
We have tried working on this feature but have noticed different behaviours regarding especially watchers and watcher... Felix Schäfer
22:20 Redmine Defect #40413 (New): The issue list fiter "Watched by" only dereferences "watched by group" for "me" value
When using the @<< me >>@ value for the "Watched by" filter on the issue list, group memberships will be dereferenced... Felix Schäfer
22:16 Redmine Defect #40412 (New): Issue list filter "Watched by: me" only shows issues watched via group for projects with the view_issue_watchers permission
When using the "Watched by: me" filter on the issue list, the filtered list will show all issues the current user is ... Felix Schäfer
22:04 Redmine Defect #40410 (New): Watcher groups on new issue form get dereferenced on validation error
When creating a new issue, selecting a group as a watcher and causing a validation error (for example leave the subje... Felix Schäfer


14:42 Redmine Feature #20620: Add data-text-formatting attribute for selected markup language to body tag
Thank you. I think this should also be helpful for our use-case.
We look forward to this being added to core Redmine.
Felix Schäfer


22:16 Redmine Feature #247: Notification mail sender is the author and includes project information.
Gary Aitken wrote in #note-12:
> Having the outgoing mail address set to the user making a change rather than the re...
Felix Schäfer


16:03 Redmine Help: RE: Modify default start date in Gantt Chart
A F wrote in message#68636:
> The code would be like this but it is not working at all.
> [...]
This code does n...
Felix Schäfer

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