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h1. Blocks Layout plugin  

 h2. Features Features: 

 Controls presence of boxes on _Home_ and _Project Overview_.  
 Can use additional boxes provided by [[PluginBasicPolls|Basic Polls]] and [[PluginLatestForumMessages|Latest Forum Messages]] plugins; adds them to the list of available blocks on _My Page_. 

 h2. Instructions Instructions: 

 Administrator permissions required. 
 * *Home*: click _Edit Home Page_ and checkmark the boxes to be dispayed. 
 * *Overview*: go to _Settings - Modules_ and enable _Redmine blocks_. Go to project's Overview, click _Edit Page_ and checkmark the boxes to be displayed. 
 * *My Page*: click _Personalize_; use additional entries in the dropdown list to customize the page. 

 h2. Compatibility 

 |_. Plugin Version|_. Redmine compatibility| 

 h2. Credits: 

 * Author: "_Pavel Vinokurov_" 
 * Work sponsored by "Axmor Software": 

 h2. Screenshots: 

 h3. Homepage: 


 h3. Overview: