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h1. Redmine2mite plugin

Please check out the "Github repository": to get always the latest version.

<code>Redmine2mite</code> connects your Redmine account with your _mite_.account. Track your time easily on issues within Redmine and get them automatically send to _mite_.

"_mite_": is a sleek time tracking tool for teams and freelancers.

Projects from Redmine can be bundled with _mite_.projects. Furthermore, you can specify which should be available in Redmine on a per-project basis.

h2. Requirements

* "Redmine": >= 0.8
* "Ruby on Rails" >= 2.1.2
* a _mite_.account (you can easily signup for a "free 30 days trial account": )

h2. Installation

# Move the <code>redmine2mite</code> directory into the <code>/vendor/plugins</code> directory of your Redmine installation
# Install the plugin schema by calling <code>rake db:migrate_plugins</code> via console
# Restart your Redmine web server (e.g. Mongrel, Thin, WEBrick)
# Voilá!

h2. Setup

Login to Redmine. You should now see on the top right corner the link "mite". Click on it.

After providing your account data you can now interconnect your _mite_.projects and with a specific Redmine project. The selected values will appear on top of the list, if you create a new time entry in the respective project.

Precondition is having Redmine projects assigned to your user, of course :-)

h2. Usage

Once the connection to your _mite_.account was verified, sending your time entries to _mite_ is very easy. The two fields _mite_.project and _mite_.service have been added to the time logging mask. When creating or updating a time entry the plugin sends those values to your _mite_.account.

h2. Known issues

h3. How do i uninstall the plugin?

Well, currently "there is no easy way doing this":
* remove the directory <code>redmine2mite</code> out of the <code>/vendor/plugins</code> directory.
* manually delete all of the plugins database tables and newly added fields to existing tables
** tables: <code>mite_bindings</code>, <code>mite_rsrcs</code>
** added fields in table <code>user_preferences</code>: <code>mite_account_name</code>, <code>mite_api_key</code>, <code>mite_note_pattern</code>, <code>mite_connection_updated_on</code>
** added fields in table <code>time_entries</code>: <code>mite_time_entry_id</code>, <code>mite_project_id</code>, <code>mite_service_id</code>, <code>mite_time_entry_updated_on</code>
* entry "redmine_mite" in table <code>plugin_schema_info</code>

h2. License

<code>Redmine2mite</code> is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file.

h2. Screenshots

|=. *User account settings* |
| !redmine2mite_screenshot1_thumb.png!: |

|=. *Added options for a time entry* |
| !redmine2mite_screenshot2_thumb.png!: |

|=. *New time entry in users mite.account* |
| !redmine2mite_screenshot3_thumb.png!: |