Redmine2mite plugin

Please check out the Github repository to get always the latest version.

Redmine2mite connects your Redmine account with your mite.account. Track your time easily on issues within Redmine and get them automatically send to mite.

_mite_ is a sleek time tracking tool for teams and freelancers.

Projects from Redmine can be bundled with mite.projects. Furthermore, you can specify which should be available in Redmine on a per-project basis.



  1. Move the redmine2mite directory into the /vendor/plugins directory of your Redmine installation
  2. Install the plugin schema by calling rake db:migrate_plugins via console
  3. Restart your Redmine web server (e.g. Mongrel, Thin, WEBrick)
  4. Voilá!


Login to Redmine. You should now see on the top right corner the link "mite". Click on it.

After providing your account data you can now interconnect your mite.projects and with a specific Redmine project. The selected values will appear on top of the list, if you create a new time entry in the respective project.

Precondition is having Redmine projects assigned to your user, of course :-)


Once the connection to your mite.account was verified, sending your time entries to mite is very easy. The two fields mite.project and mite.service have been added to the time logging mask. When creating or updating a time entry the plugin sends those values to your mite.account.

Known issues

How do i uninstall the plugin?

Well, currently there is no easy way doing this.
  • remove the directory redmine2mite out of the /vendor/plugins directory.
  • manually delete all of the plugins database tables and newly added fields to existing tables
    • tables: mite_bindings, mite_rsrcs
    • added fields in table user_preferences: mite_account_name, mite_api_key, mite_note_pattern, mite_connection_updated_on
    • added fields in table time_entries: mite_time_entry_id, mite_project_id, mite_service_id, mite_time_entry_updated_on
  • entry "redmine_mite" in table plugin_schema_info


Redmine2mite is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file.


User account settings
Redmine2mite plugin TN Screenshot1
Added options for a time entry
Redmine2mite plugin TN Screenshot2
New time entry in users mite.account
Redmine2mite plugin TN Screenshot3

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