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Robert Tome, 2013-03-26 15:33

1 6 Robert Tome
3 3 Mischa The Evil
h1. Calendar
4 1 ashish lathi
5 2 Tom Rochette
h2. Overview
6 1 ashish lathi
7 2 Tom Rochette
The calendar provides an overview of the current project as a monthly view. This view displays all the issues that have at least a start date and indicates their start date and (if available) their due date. The calendar also displays all versions which have a due date set.
8 1 ashish lathi
9 6 Robert Tome
h2. Access control
10 1 ashish lathi
11 6 Robert Tome
h3. Module activation
12 1 ashish lathi
13 6 Robert Tome
The calendar module can be enabled or disabled per project via the project's configuration tab. Within the configuration page go to the Modules tab and check or uncheck the Calendar checkbox to activate or disable the module.
14 1 ashish lathi
15 6 Robert Tome
h3. Roles and permissions
16 5 Manuel Becerra
17 6 Robert Tome
Access to the module can be granted or denied at a role level.
To do this go to the administration page, follow the roles and permissions link, choose a role and check or uncheck the Calendar permissions checkbox.
19 1 ashish lathi
20 6 Robert Tome
h2. Filters
21 5 Manuel Becerra
22 6 Robert Tome
Like on the [[RedmineIssueList|issue-lists]] and the [[RedmineGantt|Gantt chart]], it is possible to define filters to define a subset of issues to be shown on the calendar. Such filters are similar to those specified on any [[RedmineIssueList|issue-list]].
23 5 Manuel Becerra
24 6 Robert Tome