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Version 1 (Mischa The Evil, 2008-12-16 08:05) → Version 2/5 (Gast Vance, 2009-11-17 05:11)

h1. Issue summary

h2. Overview

The issue summary provides a report of the amount of all the issues at a project-level (in contrast to the version overview which provides an overview at version-level). This report is split-up in different blocks where each block shows the amount of open/closed/total issues per:
* Tracker
* Priority
* User to which the issue is assigned to
* User who opened the issue (the author)
* Version
* Category


h2. Drill-through links

Each tracker, priority, assigned user, author, version and category links to the [[RedmineIssueList|issue list]] which has the seleted item as the current filter.
Also the numbers of issues in the reports provides drill-through links to their respective views in the [[RedmineIssueList|issue list]].

h2. Detailed reports

Each report-block can be selected to get a detailed [[|term paper]]report report from it. This not only shows the amount of open/closed/total issues but also provides details for all the other configured [[RedmineIssueTrackingSetup#Issue-statuses|issue statuses]]. The screenshot below shows the detailed report for the versions.