Issue summary


The issue summary provides a report of the amount of all the issues at a project-level (in contrast to the version overview which provides an overview at version-level). This report is split-up in different blocks where each block shows the amount of open/closed/total issues per:
  • Tracker
  • Priority
  • User to which the issue is assigned to
  • User who opened the issue (the author)
  • Version
  • Category

Drill-through links

Each tracker, priority, assigned user, author, version and category links to the issue list which has the selected item as the current filter.
Also the numbers of issues in the reports provides drill-through links to their respective views in the issue list.

Detailed reports

Each report-block can be selected to get a detailed report from it. This not only shows the amount of open/closed/total issues but also provides details for all the other configured issue statuses. The screenshot below shows the detailed report for the versions.

Issue version summary

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