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10:38 Redmine Defect #12981 (Closed): Wiki self-link with anchor looks strange in "preview" section.
Please use @[[#Section]]@ instead of @[[Wiki#Section]]@ when you want to make a link to an anchor on the current page...
10:18 Redmine Feature #12855 (Closed): Sometime,we need limit register email address
Implemented in Redmine 4.2.0 (#3369).
09:56 Redmine Feature #12795: View group members by non-admin users
Updated the patch. Make the page layout consistent with the user profile page.


11:32 Redmine Feature #34715: Filter issues by file description
Since there are already many items in the dropdown, added a new group "Files" and put "File" and "File description" t...
09:57 Redmine Feature #12613 (Closed): Make private comments flag configurable by role
Closing as a duplicate of #17132.
02:17 Redmine Patch #35396: Use base_scope for issue query results
IssueQuery#base_scope was added in r14642. I think the proposed changes should have been included in r14642.


01:21 Redmine Defect #35398 (Closed): Allow stmp and repository
Please use "forums":/projects/redmine/boards for questions. Issues are used to report a bug, suggesting a new feature...
15:17 Redmine Defect #12502 (Closed): Links to projects I am not member of are not expanded
Redmine converts a "project:identifier" string to a link only when the project is visible to the user.
Looking in...
15:00 Redmine Defect #12489: Elapsed time when updating issues fail
Cannot reproduce with Redmine 4.2.1.
14:45 Redmine Feature #12444: Ability to "set as default" settings when creating users
In recent versions of Redmine, you can set default values for new users in Administration > Settings > Users.

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