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06:06 Redmine Patch #36280 (Closed): Bulgarian translation
Committed the patch. Thank you.
06:06 Redmine Revision 21299: Bulgarian translation update (#36280).
Patch by Ivan Cenov.
06:00 Redmine Revision 21298: Add a list of supported languages by the code highlighter to the help (#33859).
Contributed by Mizuki ISHIKAWA.
05:57 Redmine Feature #33859 (Closed): Add a list of supported languages by the code highlighter to the help
Committed the changes. Thank you for your contribution.


14:51 Redmine Patch #36241 (Closed): MenuManagerTest randomly fails
Committed the fix. Thank you.
14:50 Redmine Revision 21297: MenuManagerTest randomly fails (#36241).
Patch by Mizuki ISHIKAWA.


06:51 Redmine Feature #36205: Ruby 3.1 support
I have committed r21293, r21294, and r21296 and the trunk now passes all tests with Ruby 3.1.
I will commit the fo...
06:41 Redmine Revision 21296: Ruby 3.1: net-smtp, net-imap, and net-pop are now bundled gems (#36205).
Contributed by Pavel Rosick√Ĺ.


09:47 Redmine Feature #36205: Ruby 3.1 support
net-smtp, net-imap, and net-pop can be described in Gemfile even if the version of Ruby is older than 3.1.
I think...


06:48 Redmine Defect #36226 (Closed): Psych 4: Psych::DisallowedClass exception when unserializing a setting v...
Committed the fix.

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