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12:37 Redmine Feature #31444 (New): Add "<< me >>" option to user format issue custom fields
Currently, user format custom fields list member of the project, but "<< me >>" option which you can see in the Assig...
12:04 Redmine Patch #31441: Show elements titles using jQuery UI tooltips
+1 remarkably nice improvement!
11:51 Redmine Patch #31439 (Needs feedback): I can not attach a file to a ticket
I cannot reproduce the problem.
* Is the problem only depends on the content of the file? Or does the file name al...
09:27 Redmine Feature #31427: Add a link to the source when you quote
LGTM. Setting the target version to 4.1.0.
02:14 Redmine Feature #31436 (New): Update raphael.js to 2.2.8
The latest version is 2.2.8 but Redmine uses 2.1.0.
rapheal.js is used for drawing lines between related issues in...


01:38 Redmine Feature #31434 (Closed): Update Chart.js to 2.8.0
Committed the change.
01:37 Redmine Revision 18195: Update Chart.js to 2.8.0 (#31434).
21:09 Redmine Feature #31434 (Closed): Update Chart.js to 2.8.0
Currently, the version of source:trunk/public/javascripts/Chart.bundle.min.js is 2.6.0 which was released 2 years ago...
15:13 Redmine Feature #31427: Add a link to the source when you quote
I think this patch is useful because:
* You can clearly understand the original comment
* You can easily go to th...
14:14 Redmine Defect #31337 (Closed): Explicitly load redmine/info in order to avoid "uninitialized constant" e...
Committed the fix. Thank you for reporting this issue.

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