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Marius BALTEANU, 2021-08-01 09:45
Rails vulnerabilities.

1 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
h1. Redmine Security Advisories
3 2 Jean-Philippe Lang
This page lists the security vulnerabilities that were fixed in Redmine releases, starting from 1.3.0. If you think that you've found a security vulnerability, please report it by sending an email to: @security(at)
4 1 Jean-Philippe Lang
5 35 Jan from Planio
To detect if your own Redmine is subject to any of these vulnerabilties, you can use Planio's "Redmine Security Scanner":
7 21 Jan from Planio
|_. Severity|_. Details|_.External references|_. Affected versions|_. Fixed versions|
8 53 Marius BALTEANU
|{background-color:#fb8}. High |Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities ("rails 5.2.6":|"CVE-2021-22902":, "CVE-2021-22903":, "CVE-2021-22885":, "CVE-2021-22904":|All prior releases|version:4.2.2 and version:4.1.4|
9 52 Holger Just
|{background-color:#ffc}. Low|Mail handler bypasses add_issue_notes permission (#35045)|"CVE-2021-31864":|All prior releases since version:3.3.0|version:4.2.1, version:4.1.3 and version:4.0.9|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Allowed filename extensions of attachments can be circumvented (#34367)|"CVE-2021-31865":|All prior releases|version:4.2.1, version:4.1.3 and version:4.0.9|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Arbitrary file read in Git adapter (#35085)|"CVE-2021-31863":|All prior releases|version:4.2.1, version:4.1.3 and version:"4.0.9"|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|SysController and MailHandlerController are vulnerable to timing attack (#34950)|"CVE-2021-31866":|All prior releases to version:4.2.0|version:4.2.0, version:4.1.3 and version:"4.0.9"|
13 48 Holger Just
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Inline issue auto complete doesn't sanitize HTML tags (#33846)|"CVE-2021-29274":|version:4.1.0 and version:4.1.1 |version:4.1.2 and version:4.0.8|
14 51 Holger Just
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Names of private projects are leaked by issue journal details that contain project_id changes(#33360)|"CVE-2021-30163":|All prior releases|version:4.1.2 and version:4.0.8|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Issues API bypasses add_issue_notes permission (#33689)|"CVE-2021-30164":|All prior releases since version:3.3.0|version:4.1.2 and version:4.0.8|
16 46 Marius BALTEANU
|{background-color:#fb8}. High |Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities ("rails":, "rails":|"CVE-2020-8162":, "CVE-2020-8164":, "CVE-2020-8165":, "CVE-2020-8166":, "CVE-2020-8167":, "CVE-2021-22880":, "CVE-2021-22881":|All prior releases|version:4.1.2 and version:4.0.8|
17 51 Holger Just
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|XSS vulnerability due to missing back_url validation (#32850)|"CVE-2020-36306":|All prior releases|version:4.1.1 and version:4.0.7|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Persistent XSS vulnerabilities in textile inline links (#32934)|"CVE-2020-36307":|All prior releases|version:4.1.1 and version:4.0.7|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Time entries CSV export may disclose subjects of issues that are not visible|"CVE-2020-36308":|All prior releases|version:4.1.1 and version:4.0.7|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Improper markup sanitization in Textile formatting (#25742)|"CVE-2019-25026":|All prior releases|version:4.0.6 and version:3.4.13|
21 42 Jean-Philippe Lang
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|SQL injection|"CVE-2019-18890":|Redmine <= 3.3.9|version:3.3.10|
22 41 Holger Just
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Persistent XSS in textile formatting|"CVE-2019-17427":|All prior releases|version:3.4.11 and version:4.0.4|
23 39 Jean-Philippe Lang
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities ("announcement":|"CVE-2019-5418":, "CVE-2019-5419":, "CVE-2019-5420":|All prior releases|version:3.4.10 and version:4.0.3|
24 38 Go MAEDA
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Remote command execution through mercurial adapter|"CVE-2017-18026":|All prior releases|version:3.2.9, version:3.3.6 and version:3.4.4|
25 37 Jean-Philippe Lang
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Multiple XSS vulnerabilities (#27186)|"CVE-2017-15568":, "CVE-2017-15569":, "CVE-2017-15570":, "CVE-2017-15571":|All prior releases|version:3.2.8, version:3.3.5 and version:3.4.3|
26 34 Mischa The Evil
|{background-color:#ffc}. Low|Email reminders reveal information about inaccessible issues (#25713)|"CVE-2017-16804":|All prior releases|version:3.2.7, version:3.3.4 and version:3.4.0|
27 32 Mischa The Evil
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Improper markup sanitization in wiki content (#25503)|"CVE-2017-15573":|All prior releases|version:3.2.6 and version:3.3.3|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Use redirect on /account/lost_password to prevent password reset tokens in referers (#24416)|"CVE-2017-15572":|All prior releases|version:3.2.6 and version:3.3.3|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate| doesn't check that the repository module is enabled on project (#24307)|"CVE-2017-15575":|All prior releases|version:3.2.6 and version:3.3.3|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Stored XSS with SVG attachments (#24199)|"CVE-2017-15574":|All prior releases|version:3.2.6 and version:3.3.3|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Information leak when rendering Time Entry on activity view (#23803)|"CVE-2017-15576":|All prior releases|version:3.2.6 and version:3.3.3|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Information leak when rendering Wiki links (#23793)|"CVE-2017-15577":|All prior releases|version:3.2.6 and version:3.3.3|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Persistent XSS vulnerabilities in text formatting (Textile and Markdown) and project homepage|"CVE-2016-10515":|All prior releases|version:3.2.3|
34 26 Jean-Philippe Lang
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|ImageMagick vulnerabilities|"CVE-2016-3714":|All prior releases since 2.1.0|version:3.1.5 and version:3.2.2|
35 25 Jan from Planio
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Data disclosure in atom feed|"CVE-2015-8537":|All prior releases|version:2.6.9, version:3.0.7 and version:3.1.3|
36 23 Jan from Planio
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Potential changeset message disclosure in issues API|"CVE-2015-8473":|All prior releases|version:2.6.8, version:3.0.6 and version:3.1.2|
37 24 Jan from Planio
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Data disclosure on the time logging form|"CVE-2015-8346":|All prior releases|version:2.6.8, version:3.0.6 and version:3.1.2|
38 22 Jan from Planio
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Open Redirect vulnerability|"CVE-2015-8474":|2.5.1 to 2.6.6, 3.0.0 to 3.0.4 and 3.1.0|version:2.6.7, version:3.0.5 and version:3.1.1|
|{background-color:#ffc}. Low|Potential XSS vulnerability when rendering some flash messages|"CVE-2015-8477":|All prior releases|version:2.6.2 and version:3.0.0|
40 21 Jan from Planio
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Potential data leak (project names) in the invalid form authenticity token error screen||All prior releases|version:2.4.6 and version:2.5.2|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Open Redirect vulnerability|"JVN#93004610":, "CVE-2014-1985":|All prior releases|version:2.4.5 and version:2.5.1|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerability ("announcement":||All releases prior to 2.2.4|version:2.2.4, version:2.3.0|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerability ("announcement":||All releases prior to 2.2.3|version:2.2.3|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerability ("announcement":!topic/rubyonrails-security/1h2DR63ViGo)||All releases prior to 2.2.1 and 2.1.6|"Fix for 1.4.7":/news/78|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerability ("announcement":!msg/rubyonrails-security/c7jT-EeN9eI/L0u4e87zYGMJ)||All releases prior to 2.2.1 and 2.1.6|version:1.4.7|
|{background-color:#f88}. Critical|Ruby on Rails vulnerability ("announcement":||All prior releases| version:2.2.1, version:2.1.6, version:1.4.6|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|XSS vulnerability||2.1.0 and 2.1.1|version:2.1.2|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Persistent XSS vulnerability|"JVN#93406632":, "CVE-2012-0327":|All prior releases|version:1.3.2|
|{background-color:#ff8}. Moderate|Mass-assignemnt vulnerability that would allow an attacker to bypass part of the security checks||All prior releases|version:1.3.2|
|{background-color:#fb8}. High|Vulnerability that would allow an attacker to bypass the CSRF protection||All prior releases|version:1.3.0|