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20:31 Redmine Open discussion: Can we put Redmine in test mode?
hi everyone!
Where i work, we have installed Redmine in _production_ and in _test_ environment. The _test_ environ...


18:10 Redmine Feature #6995: multi-action with the context menu on a issue
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Why don't you click Edit on the context menu and change "% done" and "status" on the bul...
17:15 Redmine Feature #6995 (New): multi-action with the context menu on a issue
If i want to do an update on issue by changing more than one properties with the context menu, i must 'reselect' the ...


17:24 Redmine Open discussion: RE: The same theme as
i would like to know this too!
thank you.


01:32 Redmine Feature #6501 (New): Be able to choose the details to show in the Roadmap section
It would be great to be able to customize the Roadmap section by adding fields to be shown with the issue title. Mayb...


15:17 Redmine Open discussion: Is it possible to add more details to the Roadmap?
i would like to add category grouping and choose the columns that i want to show in the the Roadmap section. I...


21:08 Redmine Feature #5830: Replace famfamfam icons with the fugue set
check out the icon addons for FamFamFam silk icons. Maybe you will find what you need:
* http://projects.opengeo.o...


17:36 Redmine Help: script to backup your Redmine database and files folder for Windows
hi everyone!
i would like to share with you a script that i use to backup my Redmine database and files folder. It...


19:36 Redmine Help: RE: Accessing Repository with svn+ssh
i also have the same issue with 0.9.0
is there any solution?
17:39 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Help me concince my boss to use Redmine with the already used Enterprise Arc...
*Yves*, nobody here know Ruby. I know we can do some work to be able to connect with Oracle but we dont want to make ...

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