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12:43 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_Issues (#60)
GET /issues.xml?issue_id=1 doesn't work in 3.4.4, changing to GET /issues.xml?id=1 Matteo Steccolini


14:43 Redmine Defect #13654: Can't set parent issue when issue relations among child issues are present
Thomas Koch wrote:
> The Problem still exists with Redmine 3.2.0.stable.
The target revision appears to be 3.3.0.
Matteo Steccolini


13:05 Redmine Defect #10689: PDF export prints brackets on wiki links
It would be great if internal links would be supported as well.... Matteo Steccolini
13:04 Redmine Feature #18043 (Closed): Links to anchors inside the page should be pagename-independent
To have links internal to a document, I have to do something like this:... Matteo Steccolini
12:48 Redmine Feature #18042 (New): Link to a specific repository in another project
I have a Wiki in Project1 and I want to link Repository3 in Project2 (which has mercurial Repository1, Repo...
Matteo Steccolini


16:23 Redmine Defect #10769: Unable to change the due date on an issue when updating
This issue is still there in Redmine 2.5.0.stable. I sometimes can't change due date on a parent issue even if child ... Matteo Steccolini

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