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09:36 Redmine Help: RE: Issues visible accross all project?!
Go to your redmine project doc root and execute this
ruby script/rails runner 'Project.rebuild_tree!'
This will...
09:32 Redmine Defect #12460: Project.rebuild_tree! fails
It worked fine for me. It has recalculated all lft and rgt values.
Go to your project doc root and execute this
09:30 Redmine Help: RE: Project Hierarchy: Project Rebuild Error
I had the same issue, so i have reset all lft and rgt to 0.
And then i tried this command.
Go to your project d...


09:31 Redmine Defect #17957 (Closed): Update of issue checklist delete and insert data again
I have started using issue_checklists plugin and it is simple and great feature addition to Issue.
While te...


12:14 Redmine Help: RE: GMail flags all emails as 'promotions' by default
I too faced the same issue. When i had debugged, i found that in mail function (app/models/mailer.rb), there is a new...

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