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12:49 Redmine Help: RE: Can't get redmine running with phusion passenger
Thanks Felix, I'll try that tomorrow. Does that mean the dispatch.cgi, dispatch.rb etc. and .htaccess are not used? Neville Franks
04:39 Redmine Help: Can't get redmine running with phusion passenger
I have been very happily using Redmine for nearly 2 years now, however I updated my server from PHP V4 to V5 and MySQ... Neville Franks


20:51 Redmine Help: RE: Reset Admin Login
Thanks for the quick reply, that worked.
I wonder if this should be reported as a big? ie. You shouldn't be able ...
Neville Franks
13:29 Redmine Help: Reset Admin Login
We have just installed Redmine and I logged in using Admin+Admin and clicked on Lock (I think). This logged me off an... Neville Franks

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