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02:39 Redmine Wiki edit: Download (#46)
refined appliances section Liraz Siri
02:16 Redmine Wiki edit: Download (#45)
dot Liraz Siri
02:15 Redmine Wiki edit: Download (#44)
cleaned up alternative sources: merged Bitnami links into one item (multiple links to the same page? sheesh!) + remov... Liraz Siri
02:22 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstall (#73)
added alternative to manual installation preamble (users that just want to get up and running quickly should be able ... Liraz Siri
02:10 Redmine Wiki edit: Redmine_Appliance (#1)
created redmine appliance page Liraz Siri
01:55 Redmine Open discussion: TurnKey Redmine - alternative to manual installation
Hi everyone,
I'm Liraz, one of the developers for TurnKey Linux, an open source project developing a free virtual ...
Liraz Siri

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