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03:49 Redmine Help: redmine + apache + gentoo
I'm trying to get redmine running w/ Apache on gentoo and having issues. Didn't get a response last time, couldn't ed...
02:56 Redmine Help: RE: errors w/ remote viewing
This wasn't with Apache. I used ......


01:35 Redmine Help: errors w/ remote viewing
Till I get this running w/ apache, I'm back to using ......


18:12 Redmine Help: apache install not configured correctly?
I'm trying to follow ... ... and I've done ...


03:11 Redmine Help: help w/ redmine + apache
I'm trying to get Redmine running on Gentoo w/ apache 2.2.14-r1. I've changed the file /etc/apache2/vhost.d/00_defaul...

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