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22:49 Redmine Feature #2500: configure custom fields as "required for status transition"
I believe this would be a major change to Redmine but it would take it to the next level. We are currently using Clea... Steve Overton
22:47 Redmine Feature #703: Configurable required fields per tracker/status/role
+1 Steve Overton
22:46 Redmine Feature #4584: Require a Target Version and Category and provide a default version.
+1 I have requests for this functionality. Steve Overton
22:20 Redmine Feature #1189: Multiselect custom fields
+1 Would be a great addition. Steve Overton
22:17 Redmine Feature #6902 (Closed): Allow priorities to be associated to Trackers.
We use different kinds of trackers (Issue Calls, Bugs, etc). The priorities for Issue Calls is contractual so they ha... Steve Overton
22:10 Redmine Defect #6901 (Closed): Copy/Move an issue does not give any history of who actually did the action.
If I go in and copy or move an issue there is no indication that I am the person who did the action.
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Steve Overton
22:04 Redmine Feature #6899 (Closed): Add a relation between the original and copied issue
99.9% of the time when an issue is copied it should be related to the original issue in some way. It would save time ... Steve Overton


00:00 Redmine Feature #6832: FR Define different default status per tracker
+1 I have received requests for this from our users as well. Steve Overton


21:16 Redmine Feature #5238: Related issues option accessible during issue creation
+1. This would be a benefit. Steve Overton


15:50 Redmine Feature #4584 (Closed): Require a Target Version and Category and provide a default version.
Currently, there is no support to require a target version and category to be entered on an issue. For all situations... Steve Overton

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