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16:56 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Organization of projects?
DArn it! I did it again! How do you edit posts?...
16:55 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Organization of projects?
OK, I screwed up the indentation of the unordered lists above. They should look like this:
. webAppA
. Featu...
16:52 Redmine Open discussion: RE: I have upgraded to 1.0.1 ,significance of lft and rgt
To understand the significance of lft and rgt, you'll want to understand a modified preorder tree traversal:
16:51 Redmine Open discussion: Organization of projects?
I'm a single programmer responsible for two web apps. I want to use redmine for keeping track of everything. I have i...


19:47 Redmine Help: Redmine as non-virtual host?
I'm trying to set up redmine on debian 5.0.3. The box I'm using is our PHP/Mysql development box. I've installed all ...

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