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16:40 Redmine Feature #3154 (Closed): Remove default fields on new issue form
It will be great that Redmine allows end-users to remove some default fields. This feature enables that end-users can... Yanoksy Durañona Yero
16:21 Redmine Feature #3153 (Closed): Default description text
It would be great if Redmine allows users to set a default description text.
What steps will reproduce the pr...
Yanoksy Durañona Yero


18:49 Redmine Feature #364: Create a proejct report in PDF
I specifically need categorized reports. Not only a general report, besides reports to know the progress that u...
Yanoksy Durañona Yero


16:31 Redmine Feature #1985 (Closed): Exporting Summary
It'll be helpful if possible to export summary information to PDF format at least. Yanoksy Durañona Yero


22:57 Redmine Feature #1447: Resource management
That is not suitable for multiple projects environments. (_see the user that are involved in a specific project, who ... Yanoksy Durañona Yero


00:29 Redmine Help: posting signs or warnings
Hello everyone, how can I post a warning or something like the one in the picture.
Yanoksy Durañona Yero
00:22 Redmine Help: RE: Setting a Wiki for all Projects
Answer found here: Yanoksy Durañona Yero
00:07 Redmine Feature #242: Allow user to edit own custom fields + user search
Also related to Feature Request #1447 Yanoksy Durañona Yero
00:03 Redmine Feature #1447 (Closed): Resource management
It would be great if possible for the users to fill by themselves their custom fields and for the project manager to ... Yanoksy Durañona Yero


23:49 Redmine Feature #1155: group projects
I think some of this can be done by using custom fields that will become more useful with the addition of filtering c... Yanoksy Durañona Yero

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