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20:45 Redmine Defect #179: Table Column # is to narrow and cuts off digits
I am using firefox mainly and watching on width 974px
I used the Demo theme you are providing to modify it.
Andi Becker


20:42 Redmine Feature #538 (Closed): Issue Numbering is note respecting projects
It would be much better if the Numbering of he Issues would respect projects. i.e. 12-1234
or 12/1234 Project 12 Num...
Andi Becker
20:37 Redmine Feature #537 (New): To Do Lists via Ajax
Have a look to basecamp. Here todo list can be generated via Ajax and easily moved around. In most projects it occurs... Andi Becker
20:35 Redmine Feature #536 (Closed): Companies Database
It would be nice if we could assign people to companies and even people to several companies. Similar like in BaseCamp. Andi Becker
20:33 Redmine Feature #535 (New): Adding a Note before sending out an Email
It would be very useful to add a note before sending an Email to a user. i.e. when you created a new account for him Andi Becker
20:31 Redmine Feature #534 (Closed): Email User when editing a User
A new user won't get notified when the account has been EDITED by an admin. It would be good to have a feature that
Andi Becker
20:08 Redmine Defect #179 (Closed): Table Column # is to narrow and cuts off digits
table.list { width: 2%; text-align: center;}
should be so wide that you can display 4 digits.
Right now the...
Andi Becker
08:47 Redmine Defect #177 (Closed): body wrapping div is missing
If the body is dark then the content parts show up only until 600px height. This height is not moving further down if... Andi Becker

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