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11:36 Redmine Plugins: RE: Plugin for Tests
Hi, Marco. Here is the deal...
There are some problems with usability of Redcase plugin I suppose. And you are not...
Maxim Novikov


20:44 Redmine Plugins: RE: Proposal for a redmine testboard plugin
When your test cases (issues) are in any state apart from 'InProgress' you can't execute them or move to ex...
Maxim Novikov


09:12 Redmine Plugins: RE: Proposal for a redmine testboard plugin
Now it's available here for downloading:
But there is only alpha v...
Maxim Novikov


14:12 Redmine Plugins: Development mode issue: Redmine model patch

I'm trying to set up link between issue and my model class in the plugin.
It works very well from ruby console (Is...
Maxim Novikov


15:17 Redmine Plugins: RE: Creating sample plugin (redmine v. 0.9.0)
Thanks very much to everybody. Case is closed.
The simplest solution if you use Redmine for plugin development only:...
Maxim Novikov
14:42 Redmine Plugins: Creating sample plugin (redmine v. 0.9.0)

I've been trying to create sample plugin like it's mentioned in the tutorial at
Maxim Novikov

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