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16:54 Redmine Defect #24880: Documentation for enabling HTTPS is not clear
So it's a Rails problem ? Jonathan Schneider
15:49 Redmine Defect #24880 (Closed): Documentation for enabling HTTPS is not clear
I have been running Remine for years, updated it several times with no trouble, experience of configuring Apache and ... Jonathan Schneider


20:56 Redmine Feature #1624: Issue merging
A feature I really miss from Request Tracker.
Jonathan Schneider


19:33 Redmine Feature #14353: Link builder
Another way would be allowing links to be dragged from say a line of a code viewing page to a text field. No idea how... Jonathan Schneider
17:01 Redmine Feature #14353 (New): Link builder
Rather than remembering the syntax it would be nice if all large text fields had a pop-up link builder allowing the u... Jonathan Schneider


17:12 Redmine Feature #1605: Activity page to remember user's selection of activities
I too would really appreciate this one fixed. In my case it's Wiki edits I'd like to be able to see by default.
Jonathan Schneider

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