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13:30 Redmine Feature #21259: Files Module Information is so limited
I would like to agree with ANS in that we need the uploader info both in the File tab and in the notificati...
Kostas Manios


21:50 Redmine Defect #7773: Only Redmine administrators can get users from REST API
There is another workaround for getting all users, by adding them to a group and having your project manager...
Kostas Manios


22:31 Redmine Plugins: RE: REST api access to users
I found a much better solution. If you have the "Redmine Group Owners plugin" installed, then you can create a group ... Kostas Manios
20:58 Redmine Plugins: RE: REST api access to users
I am trying to do a similar thing. Have you found any way around this issue? It seems that through the API a non-admi... Kostas Manios


17:32 Redmine Feature #1853: Make Projects truly independent of each other
+1 from me
For some companies deploying a separate installation of Redmine for each project is simply not an optio...
Kostas Manios
17:20 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Feature Request: Per Project Permissions
+1 from me
Permissions per project, as well as different "default role" for creators of new subprojects would grea...
Kostas Manios

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