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17:39 Redmine Feature #4179: Link to user in wiki syntax
+1 for Twitter-like user-mention (see also #13919)
Also, this feature raises the issue about notification when a u...


20:00 Redmine Feature #1615: Add a tie in to reviewboard


14:42 Redmine Feature #4798: Bugzilla RPC compliant adapter
On more thing, about the Bugzilla API. The doc looks huge, but only the webservice namespace have to be implemented (...
13:30 Redmine Feature #4798: Bugzilla RPC compliant adapter
Indeed, Bugzilla or JIRA seems to have their API wideley implemented in third-party software. Personally, the integra...


13:07 Redmine Feature #6400 (Closed): Manually link a commit/revision to a ticket
h1. The issue
Actually, a commiter can link a commit to an issue via a special keyword in the commit's comment lik...

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