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23:28 Redmine Help: RE: email notifications regarding news items, documents uploading etc
Very need this feature indeed.
clawfrown clawfrown


01:57 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Vote Plugin
Forgot to say thank you very much - it is really great job. clawfrown clawfrown
01:52 Redmine Plugins: RE: Issue Vote Plugin
Andrew! The plugin is very cool!
But I have noticed that I can vote more than one time if press many times on the ...
clawfrown clawfrown


00:10 Redmine Open discussion: Home & My page improvements and other productivity proposals
Hi all,
I've been with Redmine for about a year - thank you guys for doing this great thing!

But since the beg...
clawfrown clawfrown


12:57 Redmine Help: How to make a plugin?
Can somebody explain how i can make a plugin for redmine?
I have plenty of ideas and simply don't know where files o...
clawfrown clawfrown


15:22 Redmine Help: How to configure mailer to send email on news added to every project user?
Independently of the option in account settings of Email notifications..
where should i digg?
clawfrown clawfrown


10:21 Redmine Help: Override deliver method to prevennt from sending an email when category or version of the issue changed
I've found in mailer.rb the following text: ... clawfrown clawfrown


10:44 Redmine Help: Mailer do not mail specific issue changes
I'd like that if i change tracker or version of the issue there should not be any mail sent on this changes to anybod... clawfrown clawfrown


13:09 Redmine Help: RE: Add external image link?
Is there a way to modify something so that it can be possible? clawfrown clawfrown
11:28 Redmine Help: Attachments via mail?
Ok. What about the ability to add attachments via mail? clawfrown clawfrown

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