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19:00 Redmine Feature #23778: default sort email reminders by due date (and list due date in email)
would you mind to share the code here for now. Looks very good. Moritz Koehler


18:19 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Any way to change issue status only if attachment uploaded?
which version do you use?
try this plugin:
It should be pos...
Moritz Koehler


02:58 Redmine Open discussion: Detailed Atom Feed of all Issues of a Projekt
if I follow one Issue i get realy nice feed about the changes. See
But when i follw the Ac...
Moritz Koehler


17:49 Redmine Open discussion: (vacation) replacement
Hi all,
does someone have any kind of system for vacation replacements?
* Email handling?
* How to grand acce...
Moritz Koehler


23:17 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Custom Fields and Redmine performance

Hi Thank you for the answer,
> Are you talking about the application or the db side of things? is ...
Moritz Koehler


23:29 Redmine Feature #18831: Support Automatic Assigning of Issues on Status Change
try this plugin
the code would look like.
self.assigned_to_id ...
Moritz Koehler


20:05 Redmine Open discussion: RE: switch user
Here is a Plugin that works for me.
I use Redmine 2.6.
Moritz Koehler
20:05 Redmine Feature #421: Impersonate user feature
Here is a Plugin that works for me.
I use Redmine 2.6.
Moritz Koehler
19:19 Redmine Help: RE: Configuring Workflow and default 'New' Issue status
have you tried it with a non admin user? Moritz Koehler


14:53 Redmine Open discussion: Custom Fields and Redmine performance
at my redmine it takes up to 10 sekonds to update an Issue if i use my custom fields (round about 100).
Moritz Koehler

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