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02:41 Redmine Defect #14019: describe how subtask work
I have reviewed the issues linked with subtasks at [[RedmineIssues#section-9]] and confirmed all features mentioned i... Matt Wiseley
02:40 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineIssues (#42)
Remove subtask TODO documentation for all previously referenced issues now exists here; Added Gantt chart display of ... Matt Wiseley
02:13 Redmine Feature #13497: Document all available Redmine links properly
Attached is a patch file that adds News and Forum link documentation, as well as example of project name with space, ... Matt Wiseley


12:37 Redmine Defect #13374: wrong and missing content in "Redmine Guide > User Guide > Projects"
I edited [[User_Guide]] to remove the Projects link that went to [[RedmineProjectsList]]. If the intent of that link ... Matt Wiseley
12:37 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineProjectsList (#6)
Replaced TODO with link to the page with intended content of this page. Spam attachment should be deleted. Maybe just... Matt Wiseley
12:28 Redmine Wiki edit: User_Guide (#13)
Remove link to empty RedmineProjectsList page; RedmineProjectOverview link below serves intended purpose of that page... Matt Wiseley


20:58 Redmine Help: Automatic status change when Note is added
I noticed when I add a note to an issue on this site the status of the issue is automatically changed to "Needs feedb... Matt Wiseley
20:28 Redmine Feature #12734: Add table reference to textile help
My apologies. The hand-coded table next to the example fooled me into thinking the example worked and I forgot to act... Matt Wiseley
19:01 Redmine Feature #3805: Issue references between issues in other subproject
This is actually two issues:
# Relating issues across projects when that feature is disabled
# Setting a parent I...
Matt Wiseley
01:25 Redmine Defect #6393: Review setup instructions for Ubuntu 10.04
FWIW, I recently followed the install instructions on a fresh install of Debian stable with rbenv and they worked wel... Matt Wiseley

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