Thorsten Jäger

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16:19 Redmine Feature #33037: Support for Gitlab flavored Markdown
WIKI has become a strategic Element for us. Particular as it's tightly integrated (issue/version linking). MARKDO...


08:02 Redmine Help: RE: Windows 10.1 using redmine-2.6.0-2 How to recover/reset lost root password
this doesn't seem a Redmine related Problem but MySQL. You'll find lots of Information about resetting MySQL Pas...


22:31 Redmine Feature #21927: Email notification about overdue issues
What i am missing (more or less a presentation issue) is a more structured Display of the current rake task email - s...


21:41 Redmine Feature #22071 (Closed): Different outgoing email addresses - per project email alias / different...
Outgoing notification emails are using a single outgoing address.
If we have customer projects, with customers on a ...


14:44 Redmine Feature #285: Tracker role-based permissioning
In our case i want Profession-Service and Project-Managers in a Project - but only allow them to certain Trackers. Th...

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