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10:04 Redmine Feature #6116: Group sub-tasks with parent on issue list
Mischa The Evil wrote:
> Isn't this issue a duplicate of #5325?
No, it's not. This issue is about sorting tickets...


15:44 Redmine Feature #34912 (Closed): Save ticket by pressing keyboard key
From other systems like Mediawiki I know the feature that pressing ALT+S saves all changes. Unfortunately the more ob...


13:45 Redmine Feature #34845: Configuration of display of subtickets
Addition: The most basic help would be sorting of the columns.
09:22 Redmine Feature #34845 (New): Configuration of display of subtickets
We use grouping of tickets a lot for semantic organization. That means that we have kind of group tickets that contai...


11:17 Redmine Feature #1266: Feature: Allow setting multiple target-milestones
We are also missing this feature. Actually there is no feature we're missing more at the moment.


08:51 Redmine Patch #5535: Assigned to issuelist filter: added <nobody> value
+2 At least two users at our company wish this feature. This ticket was created 8 years ago, a solution seems to be a...


14:16 Redmine Defect #8628: "Related to" reference may yield circular dependency error message
+1 to finally get this fixed. Redmine is only partially useful as long as this major bug exists.

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