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07:52 Redmine Feature #6269: RedCloth 4 support
In my best option would be to leave redcloth3 (as light textile parser), and redcloth4 add as plug-in.
For Windows...
Mike Stupalov
07:25 Redmine Defect #5124: Errors in formatting of texts 2.
Jean-Baptiste Barth wrote:
> See #6269 about Redcloth 4 support, it has some drawbacks..
Oh, yes. Will be just fine.
Mike Stupalov


09:22 Redmine Defect #5124: Errors in formatting of texts 2.
Jean-Baptiste Barth wrote:
> Taking the 4 problems your report in the same order:
> * 1: I don't understand, you sa...
Mike Stupalov


09:14 Redmine Patch #5035: Migrate from trac - Errors in wiki formating
All many thanks for the found errors.
Unfortunately the main developers redmine don't give attention to a script of ...
Mike Stupalov


14:43 Redmine Feature #5603: Rails 2.3.8 support
I think it is necessary to wait for version 2.3.9
I use rails 2.3.8 and have found with 2 problems:
1. #5723 - er...
Mike Stupalov


13:48 Redmine Help: RE: Migration failed
Arne De Herdt wrote:
> never mind fixed it.
> wrong version of rack installed....
This is not rake error.
Mike Stupalov
13:40 Redmine Defect #5723 (Closed): Error db:migrate with rails=2.3.8
I use environment:... Mike Stupalov


11:56 Redmine Feature #5450: Move wiki page to other project
+1 Mike Stupalov
11:47 Redmine Defect #5087: migrate_from_trac not work on Redmine 0.9.1
Batch processing has appeared only in rails v2.3.
Redmine 0.9.x demands for operation rails v2.3.5, therefore even...
Mike Stupalov


21:21 Redmine Help: RE: trac 2 redmine, wiki migration issue.
Felix Schäfer wrote:
> I don't know how good your knowledge of regexes is, but I think the problem is there: source:...
Mike Stupalov

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