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05:30 Redmine Plugins: RE: Wiki Extensions Plugin
Hi Haru lida, I install your plug in and I love it. But there are lack of user guide on how to use your plug in, like... Dylan Yee
05:17 Redmine Plugins: RE: Wiki External Filter plugin released
I personally like this plug in very much, but it has lack one important thing for me: flow chart. Is it possible to i... Dylan Yee


20:50 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Issue History Tabs Plugin
This feature doesn't seems to work at redmine version 1.0. Display an issue without comment is ok, but display an iss... Dylan Yee
20:47 Redmine Feature #5794: URL custom fields
I tested the 5794_git_without_option.diff and it works perfectly. Great to have this, thanks~ Dylan Yee
20:45 Redmine Feature #401: Add pdf export for WIKI page
Hope to have this feature, +1~! Dylan Yee


18:43 Redmine Feature #991: Document versioning
I have been looking for a project management system that can include simple document management with versioning. ...
Dylan Yee

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