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10:59 Redmine Help: RE: Internal Error when copy and past text with smilies


15:21 Redmine Plugins: RE: nio4r gem, compiler failed to build with native extension (trying to install redmine...
It looks like a bug in your compiler, this part is acually relevant...


14:16 Redmine Defect #35028: Deprecation message when executing 'bundle install'
1/ this should be just a documentation change in Redmine Installation Guide.
2/ Your Gemfile contains multiple prima...
14:02 Redmine Defect #34999: The result of Attachment.latest_attach is unstable if attachments have the same ti...
I don't think the ID column should be used as a timestamp, but I'm ok with using it as a second option, in case both ...
03:53 Redmine Feature #34978: Drop support for IE 11
I see, thanks for the explanation.


18:56 Redmine Patch #33752: Uploading big files
@Go MAEDA may I ask for a review? it's a simple change.
18:46 Redmine Patch #35025 (Closed): Update capybara to 3.35.3
18:08 Redmine Patch #35024 (Closed): System test fails in Windows due to "/" path separator
Chrome expects backslashes and it doesn't recognize "/" separators on Windows.
15:14 Redmine Feature #34981: Allow to change a project identifier
here's the patch for testing
11:43 Redmine Feature #34978: Drop support for IE 11
for those who still rely on Internet Explorer 11 (even if I don't understand why), they should stay on Redmine 4.x or...

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