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22:26 Redmine Defect #33021: [v.4.0.5-stable] Internal Server Error 500 when accessing 'repository' tab
redmine 4.0.5 doesn't support ruby 2.7 yet
the error seems to be related to t...


11:00 Redmine Defect #30285: Microsoft SQL server support is broken
As far as I understand the answers in this thread do not solve the problem and currently there is no way to get the l...


03:05 Redmine Feature #29914: Migrate to Rails 6
all tests should be passing now
02:58 Redmine Patch #32939 (New): Rails 6: fix plugin migrations
02:45 Redmine Feature #32938 (New): Rails 6: Zeitwerk support
02:29 Redmine Patch #32937 (Closed): test_revisions_latin_1_identifier should be skipped on Windows
the test should be skipped on Windows / JRuby, but it fails
02:02 Redmine Patch #32936 (New): Rails 6: disable AJ test adapter for integration tests
this workaround fixes...


00:42 Redmine Patch #32935 (New): Rails 6: fix set role_ids
fixes two failures...


11:27 Redmine Patch #32921: Rails 6: add header=present to csv tests
yeah, because the documentation is obsolete, it was changed here


12:28 Redmine Patch #32922 (Resolved): reload detached attachments
sry, thanks for catching this, I was confused about the comment. Closing

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