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12:26 Redmine Defect #30285: Microsoft SQL server support is broken
Hiep Le
ok, try to change the Gemfile instead....


15:21 Redmine Feature #31553: Preview .webm as video instead of audio
I agree that in these cases a video format should be prefered.
> MIME::Types instead? It returns all MIME types fo...


16:35 Redmine Patch #26709: Use correct http status codes
only is relevant.
this is the redmine way how to access...
14:43 Redmine Patch #31384: Remove custom lazy loading of i18n files
thanks for the feedback. You're right, i18n gem provides lazy loading for translations, but it loads all available tr...


21:47 Redmine Defect #30285: Microsoft SQL server support is broken
if you're still interested, here's a patch for redmine
21:45 Redmine Patch #31555 (Closed): Use Redmine::Database.mysql? instead of a regular expression
this patch replaces...
10:40 Redmine Defect #31549: LF line terminators cause misparse of a multi-part email when rdm-mailhandler.rb i...
have you encountered with this problem for real? according to line-endings should...


11:54 Redmine Patch #31497 (Closed): Czech translation update


07:42 Redmine Defect #31387: Don't rescue Exception class
This was a fix for a very, very old jruby version. It should match MRI's behaviour now.


01:49 Redmine Feature #30069: Integrate Redmine with GitLab (or other free CI system for open source) to run tests
are you about to open it for constributors? in such case all stable branches should be marked as protected.
for me...

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