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14:58 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineRoadmap (#17)
Version completion percentage details from #2182


14:01 Redmine Wiki edit: ThirdPartyTools (#35)
updated the HgRedmine site
12:34 Redmine Help: RE: Can anybody help me with HGRedmine
*Pay attention*: the above fix broke the sqlite compatibility!
I've releasead the "version 1.1.1":https://bitbucke...


23:03 Redmine Patch #8128: Bundler support
Etienne Massip wrote:
> There is already a patch for bundler support, see #5638.
Ahh, the _magic_ "Next" link on ...
20:59 Redmine Patch #8128: Bundler support
The previous patch was editing also .hgignore wich is not present on svn but only on the hg mirror.
20:53 Redmine Patch #8128 (Closed): Bundler support
I've noticed that in trunk now we can use rubygems 1.5 and rails 2.3.11 so I made a patch for adding bundler s...
09:36 Redmine Help: RE: Can anybody help me with HGRedmine
I'm sorry but I had no contact with Brant Young (the original author) for more than one year.
I've imported the fi...


22:14 Redmine Feature #460: better mercurial integration with hgweb


10:17 Redmine Feature #4455: Mercurial overhaul
Alessio Caiazza wrote:
> Today I made a patch, based on this branch, for editing some options of .hg/hgrc inside pr...
10:13 Redmine Feature #6515 (New): Mercurial hgrc support with issues auto-syncronizaton
I've write a little patch for mercurial SCM that allows you to edit some fields of @HG_REPO/.hg/hgrc@.
Currently i...

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