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19:07 Redmine Feature #7410: Add salt to user passwords
Duplicates #6394. Eric Thomas


02:59 Redmine Patch #7304: expand the size of date field
This is odd. It's set for 10 characters to match up with the date field: YYYY-MM-DD. 12 characters seems like it woul... Eric Thomas


16:58 Redmine Defect #7254: Installation for Ubuntu is crap
You do realize that the Ubuntu community packages Ubuntu packages? Just like how the Fedora community packages Fedora... Eric Thomas


12:30 Redmine Feature #4796: Rails 3 support
John Yani wrote:
> 1.2.0 will stick with 2.3.10 (#6887)
> Maybe after 1.2.0 release something will be clearer. ...
Eric Thomas


05:58 Redmine Feature #779: Multiple SCM per project
yusuke kokubo wrote:
> This is a very very adhoc patch to able to have Mutliple SCM per project.
> (still incomplet...
Eric Thomas


17:40 Redmine Feature #1828: Default target version for new issues
You should find it under Administration --> Projects --> Select a project --> Information tab --> Default version Eric Thomas
17:27 Redmine Feature #1828: Default target version for new issues
The patch involves a database update. @rake db:migrate@ should do the trick for you. Eric Thomas
16:44 Redmine Feature #1828: Default target version for new issues
Slava Karg wrote:
> Does this patch work with Redmine 1.0.1?
> I've tried it and got an internal error while trying...
Eric Thomas


21:33 Redmine Feature #6395 (New): Git Notes
A relatively new, but useful feature of git are "git notes": Eric Thomas
21:30 Redmine Feature #6394 (Closed): Add Salt to Authentication
The passwords in the redmine database are hashed, but a salt is not added. If a database is compromised, one could ru... Eric Thomas

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