Karel Pičman

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Reported issues: 23


08:57 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Problems with SVN and old SSL protocols on svn.redmine.org
A workaround (switch to HTTP protocol):...


09:49 Redmine Feature #7737: Add support for searching for exact words


07:50 Redmine Feature #1265: Add ability to delete Versions
And how about attached files? If a version is deleted and there are no issues attached to this version, files attache...


12:23 Redmine Patch #29649: Rake task to export wiki to HTML/PDF
I've just tested it and had to fix the following error:...


13:20 Redmine Plugins: RE: Redmine Reports Filters plugin -Internal error
"The plugin":https://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_report_filters seems to be closed source and paid. Thus I can't ...


14:50 Redmine Patch #28372 (Closed): Czech translation update
An untranslated text translated
A typo fixed
Format unification


13:42 Redmine Patch #27507 (Closed): Czech help files translation
12:56 Redmine Patch #27506 (Closed): Czech translation change


11:50 Redmine Open discussion: RE: enabling x_sendfile to efficiently send large files
Yes, fixed and working again :-)
11:48 Redmine Defect #24646: X-Sendfile is missing in response headers
I confirm that after applying your patch, everything works as expected. Thank you very much.

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