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12:44 Redmine Help: RE: 404 with subversion using file:///
Hi, no combination of file:///, file:///localhost/var/svn/dss, file:///vcs.mydomain.com/var/svn/...


13:00 Redmine Help: 404 with subversion using file:///
Been googling for 30 mins and the 404 is pretty common trying to access subversion via Redmine but I haven't found a ...


04:53 Redmine Feature #5537 (New): Simplify Wiki cross-page linking
Links within a Wiki are one of the most fundamental requirements so creating links between pages should be a breeze.
04:46 Redmine Feature #5536 (Closed): Simplify Wiki Page creation ("Add Page" link)
One of the biggest hurdles to Wiki productivity as I see it is having to edit a wiki page before you can add a page. ...


05:23 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Cross-Project Gannt and Calendar ?
You mean...
Projects (top menu) > view all issues > Gantt?


12:07 Redmine Feature #3957: Ajax file upload with progress bar
A file repository for (software) project management tool can expect large files (design mockups, release archiv...


09:54 Redmine Feature #801: WebDAV access to Documents/Files
+1, I'd also suggest the team add the voting plugin to this project :)

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