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21:37 Redmine Feature #1349: SVN Deployment managed by Redmine
This seems like it would be better suited as a plugin. Since Capistrano does all this stuff and Capistrano is a Ruby... Anthony Topper


19:51 Redmine Feature #6965: Option to Copy Subtasks when copying an issue
+1 Anthony Topper


21:24 Redmine Feature #3346: Support for cross-project revision links
+1. I would love to see this in the next version. Anthony Topper


15:14 Redmine Feature #9508 (New): Faster issue creation by using Ajax.
Something like what Asana has in this video:
Where you just t...
Anthony Topper


17:46 Redmine Feature #7655 (New): Ability to "Group results by" on a list of issues by the "Assignee's group"
I am looking to create a report of issues based on what a group has accomplished, closed, this week.
I can creat...
Anthony Topper


20:23 Redmine Feature #4660: Allow for Wiki pages to have watchers
Look at this page:
It lists 0.8.7 as the current stable.
Anthony Topper


17:45 Redmine Feature #4660: Allow for Wiki pages to have watchers
Thanks. I didn't see it in the change log and I am running the 0.8.7 version.
When will 0.9 be given the stable b...
Anthony Topper


18:23 Redmine Feature #4660 (Closed): Allow for Wiki pages to have watchers
Anthony Topper


15:14 Redmine Feature #1131: Add support for alternate (non-LDAP) authentication
I'd like to see Kerberos support added as well. Anthony Topper


22:49 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine LDAP & Zimbra
One thing that is similar is that there is no authentication required to connect to the LDAP server. Has this been t... Anthony Topper

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