Chris Burgess

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22:57 Redmine Feature #14872: Activities REST API
Redmine already uses the term "Activities" to refer to any existing Redmine entity that is updated within a certain d...
22:51 Redmine Feature #22109: REST API to get a list of the activites
Please re-open this issue.
#22109 proposes exposing the existing Redmine Activity view via an API.
#14872 propose...


06:59 Redmine Feature #17438: Support embedding images/files in issue description
Testing the advice in comment 1, I didn't realise that was supported.
Edit: Eg to display the image attached, I en...


23:29 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Is it possible to hide an issue until its start date?
Try adding a filter *Start date* is *more than days ago* value *0*?

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