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00:04 Redmine Plugins: RE: n00b' ooks problem
sorry push the wrong button..
topic should be n00b's hooks problem
Is it possible to do this?
Jie Ma
00:03 Redmine Plugins: n00b' ooks problem
I have two hooks which are doing same filter to issues
eg. if tracker is bug, and created by me. It will change ...
Jie Ma


23:57 Redmine Wiki edit: Hooks_List (#15)
Jie Ma
22:54 Redmine Patch #5057 (Closed): Simplified Chinese translation patch
for "3561": Jie Ma


08:11 Redmine Patch #5027 (New): hook in the mail_handler
Add a hook in the models/mail_handler.rb, and change the get_keyword() to public, which I can call it in plugin.
Jie Ma
07:26 Redmine Plugins: How to call private method in plugin?
I am using hook to develop plugin.
Like want to extend issue part.
Is it possible to call private method in iss...
Jie Ma
03:06 Redmine Plugins: my first plugin - clients plugin
I am a n00b of ror, and this is my first plugin.
This plugin is similar with the "customer plugin":http://www.redm...
Jie Ma
02:44 Redmine Feature #5023 (Closed): hook for the mail handler?
I wrote some plugins to extend issues template. And also using email to create and update issues. Is it possible to a... Jie Ma

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