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20:18 Redmine Help: RE: Windows Redmine + Apache + Passenger
Marcin Nowak wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Redmine 5.0.4 in Webrick mode
> I want to switch it to Redmine+Apache+...
Mike Furminsky


12:53 Redmine Feature #14418: Copy inner issues relations along with issues
Selling a soul for this very necessary functionality. If someone made a patch, please share.
Redmine 4.1.1
Mike Furminsky
00:00 Redmine Plugins: Plugin for Copy issues with relations (links)
Help find plagin. I only found this thread
It is very time consuming to copy a ...
Mike Furminsky


07:36 Redmine Help: field from the directory (table) for the task. as?
It lacks flexibility. How can I implement a reference (table) patients? I want to create a tracker for a research lab... Mike Furminsky
06:54 Redmine Help: RE: How to print in the official forms or templates?
plugin found. I try it. Mike Furminsky


21:09 Redmine Help: How to print in the official forms or templates?
How to print in the official forms or templates? I need to print the completed task on a specific form. Mike Furminsky


21:12 Redmine Open discussion: How to change a template of letters?
How to change a template of letters which are sent by the redmine server? I want to change the link in the letter (ht... Mike Furminsky

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