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21:58 Redmine Feature #32406: [ISSUE RELATIONS] Add several relations at a time
Sorry, I've just seen I already posted this idea one year ago. Duplicates #29272
It must be a good feature, then!
21:55 Redmine Feature #32406 (Closed): [ISSUE RELATIONS] Add several relations at a time
For the moment the relations can be added one by one.
It could be great to add a group of relations, sending an arra...


22:12 Redmine Patch #29245: Gender neutralized child/parent adjectives for some latin languages
I don't understand what is the purpose of this. Should we then modify every documentation I made when I teached Redmi...
07:27 Redmine Feature #29272 (New): Create several relations at the same time
For the moment it's possible to get all the relations of an issue and to post only one new relation. Could it be...
04:57 Redmine Defect #29268 (New): Can't include attachments or relations with Issues API
When I make an API call to get all the trackers of a certain tracker_id including the relations, it doesn't w...


01:28 Redmine Feature #10121: Watchers - Add Group / Role


11:11 Redmine Feature #28492 (New): Option not to block closing a parent issue when it has open subtask(s)
I saw that: r16108.
But actually, it could be great to be able to close a parent task.
Is it possible t...


07:45 Redmine Feature #28299 (New): Get issue by group
For the moment we can only fetch issues assigned to a particular member. It would be great to fetch issues assig...
07:43 Redmine Feature #28298 (New): Get issues by login
It would be great to fetch issues by login:
GET /issues.xml?assigned_to_login=my.login
For the moment we can...


23:50 Redmine Feature #28100 (New): Get files of all projects using API
At the moment, it's only possible to get files for a precise project.
It should be possible to get files of all proj...

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