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20:51 Redmine Feature #5490: Option for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio

James H wrote:
> The natural workflow of Redmine also perpetuates one way more than the other because when you cre...
Julius Friedrich


13:54 Redmine Feature #12579: Ability to assign issues to multiple users
+1 I don't like losing track of my issues by assigning them to someone else for just a question or something alike. W... Julius Friedrich


23:51 Redmine Feature #3547: Wiki include macro: add ability to include single section
+1 I'd like to see this. Julius Friedrich


15:53 Redmine Feature #20511 (Closed): Comments for Textile text formatting
Developing and maintaining a wiki page I often would like to add some hidden commentary which does not show in format... Julius Friedrich
14:31 Redmine Help: RE: Comments in Wiki pages
I'm interested aswell. Julius Friedrich

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