Antonio Kless

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08:51 Redmine Feature #18556: Add ability to configure limit of attachments at once
I wanna politely remind of this.


00:36 Redmine Patch #23021 (Closed): fix Russian "setting_thumbnails_enabled" misspelling
This is the fix for misspelling in Russian locale (use "вложение" instead of "приложение").
It was "rejected on Gi...


09:08 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects


09:12 Redmine Feature #20443 (Closed): Add Priority header to Email notifications
Is it possible to add some custom header to Email notifications, that contains Priority of issue mentioned on Email? ...


12:26 Redmine Feature #20310 (New): Ability to switch date format (from relative into absolute) in issue notes ...
On Issue page, if there are some notes, every note has its own title, like "Updated by %USERNAME% about 1 month ago"....

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