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12:43 Redmine Help: RE: Link values to URL options
I have found by trial and error that %id% gives you the issue ID number, this wasn't clear from the wiki.
12:22 Redmine Help: Link values to URL options
I would like to generate a URL for a custom field. The help text lists some options like %value%, %id% but I want to ...
11:56 Redmine Plugins: RE: Integrate Redmine - Microsoft Sharepoint
I have a similar requirement.
Currently I have a custom field that is a URL where I can add the link to the sharep...


10:20 Redmine Open discussion: Custom field dropboxes that depend on others
We use custom fields to place tasks into segments and sub-segments. The sub-segment options are different for ...


12:22 Redmine Open discussion: Show subtask ID in column on Issue list
We use sub-tasks in a sub-project against parent tasks in the top level project.
When I query the issues in t...


16:03 Redmine Open discussion: "Show under each issue"
Is there a way to make another field (other than Description) an option to be shown under each issue on the Is...

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