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17:37 Redmine Feature #1224: Import wiki pages from MediaWiki
could that be closed? Benjamin Schunn


09:44 Redmine Feature #1155: group projects
I think something like virtual groups could be helpful for every user not only admins. Every user could customize his... Benjamin Schunn


16:41 Redmine Feature #1037: <div> boxes for all UI elements
is the themeing already improved or is this ticket still relevant? Benjamin Schunn
16:14 Redmine Patch #2054: Trac Tables are not converted into Redmine
is this already fixed? Benjamin Schunn
14:03 Redmine Feature #1687: Ability to quote a patch in a comment
functionality of another tool, so I think this could be closed. Benjamin Schunn
11:27 Redmine Feature #1377: Advanded User Profile
this is already possible so this could be closed. Benjamin Schunn
11:25 Redmine Feature #1749: sub-projects view with tree in select box
I think the sub project view in the select box is now perfect as it is. Someone any ideas how to improve? Benjamin Schunn
11:24 Redmine Feature #1720: Back button in Wiki
You can use the back button of your browser or the breadcrumbs provided by the wiki. So this ticket could be closed. Benjamin Schunn
10:00 Redmine Patch #2198: print short list of users in overview page of project
I don't have an installation with so many users, is it already possible to show that count of users in a appropriate ... Benjamin Schunn


14:02 Redmine Feature #1625: Temporary links for documents / files
I think Redmine is no cloud for files, if you want to share files with other people you should use nextcloud. Benjamin Schunn

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